Sometimes I have the sudden urge to send anonymous thank you notes to all the men I have been with in my short life. All of them, even the ones that I have allowed to hurt me, hurt me deeply, even the ones I have hurt badly and think I am the biggest bitch ever (yes it is true). The urge to give thanks comes from deep in my heart, I wouldn't be the woman I am now if I would have been loved differently. So maybe one day I will get all of their addresses and will send just a little note with a "thank you" typed with an antique typewriter and folded inside a little white envelope... nothing else, because thanking does not need an entitlement, just the ticklish feeling that comes with the knowing that somewhere out there exists somebody who gives you thanks just for being you.
Image via Le Portillon


If this were a map I'd be lost

I can't seem to stop looking back, as if my life were so much better before. As if all I am now is just a castle made of sand that is slowly washing away by the sea, bit by bit but finally falling apart.
I want to stop, but my wish only lies there, comfortably numb on the comfort of the calm and stuck water of a beautiful pond. I somehow am going to stop it and rise from the murky water and finally when I look back I am just gonnna laugh at myself for being so afraid... I am just to impatient to wait for it but good things come for those who wait, right?
Photos taken on my first trip to Europe 2007


A little girl lost in the woods

Photo taken by me in sweet Barcelona

but i can't see new york 
as i'm, circling down 
through white cloud 
falling out 
and i know 
his lips are warm 
but i can't seem 
to find my way out 
my way out i can't see.
of this hunting ground 
from here crystal meth 
in metres of millions 
in the end all we have, 
soul blueprint. 
did we get lost in it 
do we conduct a search 
for this "from the other side" 
from the other side? 
what do they mean 
side of what things... 
and you said. 
you again 
it's you again 
i can't see 
i can't see new york 
from the other side
I can't see New York - Tori Amos


Amantes & Diamantes

Love, love, love found everywhere. In a far away land and discovered by the flickering of my adventurous hand, clicking everywhere. I wish I had closer girlfriends like her.
All images via Ana Vera


Ode to my dear papa

Can a song embrace you? Can a song show you love, wish you luck on an important day for you?... I believe it can. I have only seen the rain falling down on a sunny day once, it was a fifth of july four years ago... it was the saddest and worst day of my life but life goes on, and the ones who love us can love us even from afar and send all their loving through the songs we remember them with.