The Alice within

Oh how hard it is to believe in yourself, but once you do there is nothing that can stop you. I am the right Alice who was born to slay the Jabberwocky, any kind of monster that comes my way and stands between me and fulfilling my dreams, by this I mean my fears and lack of self esteem, I know deep within me rest that fighter in shining armor who will overcome any obstacle and while I am on the journey to find it within me, these are ten tracks that help me go through the rough times.
Now go on and slay that Jabberwocky! 
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Mooshi Mooshi

These pictures were taken a long time ago in a nearby forest here in my city, our class went to recollect all the mushrooms we could find to dye fabrics. It was such a fun day, we learnt a lot of them, funny fact is that our professor kept saying "now, don't eat them please" as if we were there to get high on them.
The interesting thing about a mushy is that you find them in places you wouldn't think, they are hiding underneath the leaves and pine trees, they are just there still on the ground waiting to be found.


The darkest pitch in me

And when the day arrives
I'll become the sky
and I'll become the sea
and the sea will come to kiss me
for I am going home
nothing can stop me now


Blowing in the wind


I wanna scape from here I wanna feel my hair blowing on my face touching my soft sunkissed skin


The place of my dreams

I am not quite sure how old I was when I saw The Secret Garden (nor have I read the book) but it is definitely one of my favorite movies as a child... and still as an adult.
In the depths of my imagination and my longing to get away from everything I always end up in this magical bloomed yet very dark garden. The image of Ophelia comes to my mind when I write this, it is a place where I am both happy to be in and scared and melancholy at the same time. Like a place where you go when you are scared to try to cheer up but you end up in there with all your fears... I know this might sound a little bit weird, however I am fascinated by it, since I can remember this is a place where I zone out, where I hide from being myself on the day by day world. I still remember how many times I hid underneath my bed when I was angry or upset, my family used to tease me so much, but I don't care they have never been to this place and therefor cannot understand me.
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Mi Casa es tu Casa [The Nowhere Castle]

This is Xilitla, a little place in the San Luis Potosi jungle where Edward James created this surreal garden where stairs that take you up in the air but end there without making any sense and other constructions that seem to be put there just for the fun of it. 
I personally have never been in The Huasteca Potosina, but I have seen pictures of my friends and seriously this place is to die for! I wish so hard to go there anytime soon and to have an awesome camera when I go so I can take pictures of everything I want. What I like the most about this places is that it reminds me of the film The Secret Garden, it is like a secret place buried into the depths of the jungle with so much greenery surrounding it... aw pure magic! Well for now is on my bucket list of places to visit, but who knows maybe in a few posts I will be sharing my own pictures of this magical place.
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Remember when you were a kid and play pretend was what you did best? You built castles and entire new worlds where only your rules were the ones that matter? I do...
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Contando Borreguitos - Anahí


Le rire incassable


A long time ago I read this book by Françoise Sagan about the life of Sarah Bernhardt and if something makes me happy is reading and knowing about the life of women who are strong and independent and a true inspiration to me. This is the case of this french actress who was born in 1923, who you know, wasn't the prettiest and not very into the family business in a sort of saying and struggle and gave the best of her to become the woman she was, famous, respected and admire. In the world there are many women who decided not to play along the rules, to do as they are told and those are the kind of women I admire so much. 
Overall the book is so well written and it captivates you and takes to a private and intimate imaginary world where two women write to each other about their lives, their loves and passions. What I remember the most is a little funny and obscure fact about Bernhardt: she had a little coffin that was custom made for her where she would like to sleep sometimes, talk about extraordinary? She also used to say that sometimes in times of grieve the only thing she wanted to do was to laugh, laugh at life.  This woman was amazing! :)
She traveled around the world preforming in theaters and even participated in the early silent films, I wish I could watch one just to see a little glimpse of an extraordinary human being.


Let's stay awake and listen to the dark


I have been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo for quite some time now, these are some inspirations I have found over the internet and books since I first decided to get one. I am more certain now than ever that I want one. My brother and I wanted to get one together in remembrance of my dear father who passed away 4 years ago. This year my brother turns 18 and I think it is the perfect timing for both of us... if he doesn't bail out (hope not!)
A bird is what I want, I decided that long ago, but I just can't seem to find the right one, these are some of my favorites (the illustrations) and the photos of the girls with tattoos are the real ones i like the most, I think I won't be having it on my neck but lower like on my center back's right side, but it is hard to decide if I want it black and white or colorful, or if I really want it there or somewhere else, I have to be at least comfortable with it because it will be there always!
I know these kind of decisions are tricky one day you might want one and next you don't and you are stuck with it, but I have been thinking it for years, four years to be exactly and a bird means so much to me, I think of my dad every time I see a humming bird outside my window or when I see them flying away into the sky enjoying their freedom, besides they are just amazing animals I love them!
For quite a while now I have been having a dream where I see myself sleeping on my bed and a bird comes and tries to wake me up and rests on my face, it chirps and tweets and bats its wings... I would like to think it is him wishing to stay always with me... who knows maybe I am just a crazy girl who wants a tattoo and that is it, ha ha
♫ Birds - Emiliana Torrini 


An S for a J

One of my favorite books of all time is definitely Little Woman by Luisa M. Alcott, I read it when I was so young and when I watch the movie back then I felt in love with it even more.
I was visiting my mother for the weekend and suddenly I turned on the T.V. and there it was (I don't watch T.V. ever because I don't have cable at my house) and I was just so happy and captivated with the movie that I had to stop doing what I was doing and I sat down and me and my mother watch it remembering the soft and realistic romances we read when we were little. It had me thinking after it ended of how this book could have possibly shaped me as the person I am today... I didn't even remember it existed, by that I mean that there are other movies and books I remember almost everyday (even movies that probably came out because of this book, think of the Virgin Suicides) but now that I am aware and I think of it, I really feel that this book might have shaped the way I see love, the way I think a woman should be.
I was always a fan of Jo March, I too felt that I didn't fit anywhere and now I am a grown "independent" woman I wonder how much of that heroin must have been sleeping with in me without me even knowing. We try so hard us women, we don't want to be the silent obedient little Amy, we fight we struggle we want to be our own heroin, but in the end it is so hard being strong, what are we fighting against? Do we even know? I can say that it couldn't have been a better time for me to remember the little woman inside me and now I wonder if what I long for in love and life is even realistic or just a fairytale I read when I was a girl.
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Mi Casa es tu Casa [Cave of Crystals]

I would like to talk a little about my country, this place that amazes me all the time and I really haven't traveled to all the states but the ones I've seen have really blown my mine. They are so different one from another, from the jungle, to the forest to the desert to the amazing beaches that oh man are really the best in the world (without being conceded) I have decided to dedicate these series of posts called Mi Casa es tu Casa to show the places that I would like to visit (and I know soon I will) to show a part of México you didn't know existed.
This is a cave located on the north of México in a little town called Naica in Chihuahua, I am not sure if its open for the public but if it is I am definitely going in there. The coolest way to get to Chihuahua is to take the train from Los Mochis, Sinaloa and then I guess taking a little bus to get to the cave's town.
The project is called Naica like the town and they even did a movie about it, that kinda makes me think this is like a private place where only specialized people can go in, but still did you know this existed? Not me! I just found out a couple days ago and I am mesmerized by the photographs.
The cave was discovered in 2002 in a mine that produces led and silver and the crystals are formed by selenites. They can be up to 10 Mts. long and one meter wide. This cave is the only of its kind in the world and it's only temporal because it was form during millions of years with the help of the water that was being drained by a special system and it will stop functioning when the mines stop working, in that moment the cave will be covered by water and will continue its growth. Oh how sad! well miracles like this could only last a moment, so I have to hurry up to pack my stuff and see with my two eyes the wonders of my beloved country.
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[Eres - Café Tacvba]