an amazing roadtrip

Billabong European Roadtrip 2012 from alba&boy on Vimeo.

this makes me wanderlust so bad... i know summer is over, but i am gonna keep pretending it's not.
billabong campaing 
styled by mandy from oraclefox
photos by nirrimi firebrace


because of you

this is totally my mood today, i am the happiest girl on earth
image 1 via whi image 2 source is lost


purple haze

it's been a year since i dyed my hair ombre style and now i want a change, i was thinking that maybe this would look cute. my hair is dark so i'm guessing that a dark purple is gonna look much better than pink or light lilac. i am excited and can't stop thinking about the result!
images via pinterest


sweet as cake

i am so in love with these pictures 
can't help to think of lana del rey singing "and my life is sweet like vanilla is..."
it is sweet : )
photos by beata cervin via the design ark


this is what i learned today so i decided to make something with it to make sure i won't forget it


ai & cedric bihr

i would like to say this is my inspiration, but deep down i know what i feel is a little bit of envy of their beautiful life.



I haven't been paying attention to my blog lately, but the truth is that when I said bring it on I meant it, and as it turns out I am very very busy now following my dream. So far I have accomplish all the goals I had on my mind and I am the happiest person on earth, but I kinda feel like my blog is turning into a boring forgotten place that I never visit anymore, I even got a delicious account so I have a stack of my links there and I don't need to come here to visit my favorite ones anymore. There is so much stuff going on my head right now but I need more time to sort it all out... but! I thought that tonight on a slow friday night with nothing to do I might as well blog about what I would like to be doing right now if I wasn't so freaking tired (and forever alone haha for I have nobody to go out with)
I am really obsessing with music now, it has been my outlet at work, I play and immediately disconnect from my reality. And if something is important to me is to feel sexy at all times, not always pulled together now that I have so much on my plate, but boy does music help to feel myself a little sexier and to keep the self esteem high even if it means to sing as loud as I can in my car.
So I wanna talk about the three women that turn my daily routines into a mother fucking sexy add just like out of a Maxim magazine (at least on my head:)
1. The conventional

Of course Rihanna is sexy, whoever says she's not they must be blind, she is so beautiful. I saw her live in Madrid and I tell you that girl exudes sexyness and has a rocking body to my envy that makes me wanna hit the gym 24/7 just to see if I can look like her. Anywho her latest album is constantly played on my ipod and I get so high of singing her songs its ridiculous, I must look like a complete retard while doing this but I really don't care singing Rihanna in my car or in my room while getting ready makes me feel like I can take any guy I want.

2. The experimental

Oh my dearest Lykke Li. If I was a song, I'd be a Lykke Li song, she is one of my favorite singers and everything she does I adore, it's like love at first sight to me. And I know she is not everybody's type of sexy but c'mon! this girl has it all, she is extremely beautiful, she is swedish, she is strange and she is adorable while dancing (have you seen her video "Sadness is a Blessing" pure magic!) I think her allure and beauty comes from a very intelligent yet dark way of making you think out side the box. Not all you watch on t.v. is the rule about what is attractive or not... and plus she is my prostitute and I'm gonna get some? can it get any hotter than that? I don't think so.

3. The spiritual

The first time I listened to her new album I was seated on my desk at my office, I listened to the first song and I was blown away... she took me back to my first memories of pain, when I lost my innocence and when an artist can make you feel the way you once felt way back then when you were a child... I mean really? Is that even possible? All I can say is that she is a genius, her voice is perfect and her lyrics even better. I know this is not the typical sexy, she's not dancing in her videos with sexy clothes but I find her songs so revealing, so personal and how that cannot be sexy? it just is.
I guess that with her is the way she makes me feel while singing her songs, like my body is going to explode, the things I dare not to express, she brings them out of me naturally...

I guess I still have time to dance a little more before going to bed now, I have a tough day tomorrow but there is always time for a sexy dance :)