When my dreams match up with my pay

I started this blog because I wanted to let out all the random thoughts inside my head, it has helped me a lot to organize my mind and make clear the things that happen in my life. I had been wanting for a while to do a little inspirational post about the things I want in life. Like the sort of life style I am aiming for... it has certainly not been like I wish, but fear not dear Dorothy because soon I will find the way on the Yellobrick Road and I will get there.
This images of things that I like are what reminds me that there are things left to learn and to create. I like to keep myself inspired, I am aware of my need to be surrounded of beautiful things, right now they are a little bit imaginary but I am sure it is not gonna be forever like this... because if you know where you wanna go, you will do everything to get there. I love this phrase of Regina Spektor "I am the hero of the story I don't need to be saved" I just have to keep reminding me that with her sweet voice.
I guess I also have to remind me that if there's no pain there's no game... sacrifice comes in order to enjoy the fine things of life... but I am willing to pay the price, so bring it on! :)
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My relationship with the mirror

I just wanted to mark this date.
I can't say I am a new person, I am still good ol' me, but I do feel a little like Nina Sayers only not dead but happily alive. And it is also not the end but the beginning, the beginning of me as it always should have been. 
Also yesterday I received an indian friendship bracelet from my very good good friend Ryan, he sent it inside a letter from INDIA!... all of this in a short amount of hours... I can't really express how happy I am. I am truly smiling with my heart now, nothing really matters now because what makes me happy what makes the world spin around comes from within me, I am finally at peace. 
This picture is my favorite painting: Picasso's The girl before the mirror I got the chance to admire it at the MoMA in NYC last october, it has always meant a lot to me but now it means the world... the way I feel sums up in the masterpiece of an amazing painter from another time. How cool is that? to see your feelings turn into figures in a beautiful painting?
I am certain now I will be all I can be, nothing is gonna stop me now because the only person in between my dreams and happiness is now dead for me...