Breath out so I can breath you in

It is so amazing to me how things work out, you always end up where they were waiting for you. One thing leads to another and in the end the surprises you get are the reason why this life is worth living.
This picture that I hearted on weheartit because I liked it so very much lead me to an awesome blog and now I want to share it with you, if you are a little tired of listening to your itunes (like that Jimmy Buffett's song "like a worn-out recording of a favorite song") do check out fCOLLECTIVE I promise you are going to find something there that you were always looking for.


Spring sprinkles

Spring is definitely here, and so are the blooming flowers on every tree. I live in such a beautiful city, full of greenery. This past sunday I spend the day taking pictures of the trees and flowers that came my way. I went to the antique flea market, read at a little square and had Rooibos Almond tea with one of my best friends. I wish for more days like that. 
All photos taken by me.


I am not a photographer, but my friend is!

I have been meaning to write about my best friend Rodrigo de Anda VillicaƱa, so finally here is my little tribute to his wonderful work. Right now he is studying in Madrid, Spain and we met in Barcelona while I was still living there, we always have so much fun. 
I miss him so much, but rather than want him back I wish we could both live in Spain :)
These are a few of my favorite photographs of his, he has also worked with me but I am kind of shy of showing my face here... 
Photo # five is also about a short film in which he was working on, he is just so talented! 
Check out more of his work on his web page here
The photos have been taken here in Mexico, Madrid and Argentina.
Source here and here
P.S. I really miss my friend, I wanna go dancing with him there is nothing more fun than that!


Un, deux, trois!

Three things that make me happy
[Receiving postcards from my friends]
[Goldfish crackers]
[I am currently obsessed with this]



El Trocadero

I am preparing to go this sunday to my city's antique flea market. It is so cool and it would be better if I only had a little money to buy a brooch or a tea set. 
If you live in Guadalajara do check it out, it is on every sunday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on Republica Square on Av. Mexico, they sell from antique bikes to chairs, toys and antique writing machines. It is such a nice experience... and it certainly gives me a reason to wake up not so late on sundays :)
Source here
Sweet tunes [Tennis - Marathon]


Girls' night in

[Never Let Me Go]
[Blue Valentine]
[Breakfast at Tiffany's]
[A Single Man]


These are some of the movies I wanna watch on a movie night with my girlfriends.
I wish that I could have a night like this pretty soon... having some ice cream and popcorn maybe a little wine too. And if there isn't much company I can always watch them myself (this doesn't mean I am leaving the wine out of the question) as the kiddo on A Single Man says I feel alone most of the time.


Little Bit

[Natalie Portman]
[Zooey Deschanel]
[Sienna Miller]
[Mila Kunis]

Some of my girl crushes... sweet to think of and sweet to dream of.
I admire them and love their movies.
All pictures via: we heart it
Disclaimer: I stole the pictures' idea from this awesome blog I like WhiteLightning
Oh mondays start so lazy! hope the week is more like the past weekend :)
Sweet tunes [Nico - These days]