When I am having a very bad day I think of you, of you and me and Paris and everything feels better because I am certain that if I die tomorrow I would die in peace knowing I was truly happy once... 


In this life

There are many ways to use up the spare time, I however dislike TV so much I have encounter different ways to waste time. How I love tumblr and all the forms of visual communication it implies. These are a few of my favorites
From me To you

Awesome People Hanging Out Together

If We Don't, Remember Me

Laura Taylor


I can see New York

In two years (mark my words) I will be living here. I am still figuring out on the how, but the dream, the goal is definitely clear. I thought I was walking on the right direction, but maybe I was just loosing my way searching for stage lights... I know my heart and I can't fight it when it knows something is off.
So maybe I just need to get back on track and focus on the things I really do best and never forget that my smile is my greatest asset so if something is just making me cry so much, it can be right.
If my mind and my heart truly want it I will make it, so hands on the task! and pretty soon I will be living in that awesome flat in Brooklyn that so many times I have daydreamed about. 


Under Construction

To be or not to be
I never understood Shakespeare's phrase so well until now. Who we act equals what we are. We choose to be, we shape us like clay until we create ourselves as our own image. The potential lies within but to be or not to be is only a choice, a choice that some of us can't make our whole life. We could be anything we want to be, as children we imagine we are going to be kings or queens of the world, we grow up play pretending this is true and deep within we KNOW we are and we are going to be, but somewhere on the road we loose ourselves, we listen to everybody else instead of listening our inner voice, who once upon a time told us a story of our future, but we grow up and we think it was only a dream, a dream too good to be true. So what do we do? we don't believe in it, we don't believe in ourselves, we block that dream, we overlook it and we keep on growing, on walking on the path that was set for us by somebody else who doesn't know us, but everybody else points that way and we all follow like sheep and yet we still are, but are we really? or are we just barely shadows of our greatness? a whisper of a great shout? Sometimes we are under the illusion that we have to choose, when in reality there is not really a choice, you are, so be your greatest self and quit thinking you could be anything less.
Photos taken at my flat in Barcelona 2010