Your eyes tell me everything

It is almost my birthday and my friend gave me this awesome dress as an early present.
Thank you dude :)
Cheers to me and I cross my fingers for good things to come and golds to fulfill


Hot Hot Heat


The spring is rising and with it all the summer heat I was wishing for. I am currently yumming on my dear friend Lourdes' gazpacho recipe, she taught me how to make it while we were flatmates in Barcelona. I think it is like a family recipe (she is from Sevilla, Spain) and it is SO good! But I added a spicy twist (being the mexican that I am) and I always add Tajin on top and cucumber cubes, there is nothing more refreshing that a nice glass of really cold gazpacho. Also homemade strawberries' popsicles straight from the fridge if you feel like dying from the heat, and finally the mellow track from Kate Miss that lately makes me chill.


Little messy braid

Ok yes, I am a little obsessed with hair now, but it is so hot at this time of year that I always feel like doing something with it more than just having it hanging over my shoulders and making me hotter.
So I felt like sharing these very easy hair tutorials found on A Cup of Jo done by Caroline Ventura.
I guess I will be rocking these hairdos over the week :)


A hidden place

May I please live here? How come something so perfect cannot be real?
I Simply adore this.
Source Ellen Rogers


A muse me

Some inspiration found on the internet for some DIY projects I have for the next days. Some awesome makeup and flowers and bows for the hair yay!
makeup OracleFox
hair Alexandra Grecco