the world is our playground

 Eiffel Tower - Paris
 Pretty flowers at Park Güell - Barcelona
Carousel at Bryant Park - NYC

Three of my favorite pictures of three of my favorite cities in the world. Oh the joys of traveling! I wish I was a bird and could fly everywhere I wanted to go.
Cheers for a good positive week!
All photos by me. 


Please Mr. Einstein!


Are we humans because we gaze at the stars or we gaze at the stars because we are humans?
I was reading this really deep book about my mexican history and I just got stuck with it, and usually that is why I like reading two books at the time, because it allows me to go back and forth and I never get tired with either one. So I started reading Please Mr. Einstein which is a lighter book (in seize only) and I can take it anywhere, the bus, the park, etc. It is simply wonderful, I mean although it is a trip to a very intelligent mind, it is still pretty simple to read for a commoner like me (I don't know anything about quantum physics) but well in my humble opinion it is not just about the science that the book has that special hook. I think it is like a little inside of a brilliant mind in order to understand us as humans. In the book it states that we are made by the same components as the stars, so maybe instead of trying to study the stars with our tricky eyes we should study them in ourselves. Now that is the fact but the magic of it? think about it: we are made of stardust! isn't it lovely to think?
And of course the book has more to it, I highly recommend it for anyone even if your not an astrophysics major like one of my best friends haha. Here are some reviews of the book if you wanna jump into the adventure, read me!


Snow cherries from France

[Alix's beautiful nails]

Well the reason I started this blog was because I was very into the blog world. Here I share one of my favorites (if not the fave) with this very original nail tutorial. Oh la la she's so cute! I absolutely love her style and romantic flare. She has the most amazing pictures, some people just have an eye for beautiful things. 
All photos via: The CherryBlossom Girl


You are a yellow surprise

A day can't go by without me listening to her sweet voice! It's an obsession... but a good one.
All photos via: last.fm


Un, deux, trois!

Three things that make me happy.
[An illustration by Miss Capricho]
 [Margot Tenenbaum]

[Emilie Simon. Listen to her song Fleur de Saison ]


The weekend is just beginning and I am feeling a lot more positive. I watched The Royal Tenenbaums for the first time on wednesday and I adored it, I can't believe I didn't watch it before, it is so my type of movie and of course I fell in love with Margot, I guess I have to dress up like her sometime just because she is awesome. 
Cheers for a very good weekend :) 


I can only think in B&W

Eddie Vedder - Society

I have no desire to stay awake tonight, since I was a child I was ordered to listen, to do as adults demanded and to follow an already stablished path. Now I am a post graduated there are no lines, no more orders to listen, no more steps to follow and yet I am expected to succeed. I am tired and all I want is a chance to prove myself I am a perfectly capable human being.
All photos via: Hedi Slimane Diary


Two sugar cubes please

I have never talked about my profession, but I am a designer and I was recently studying in Barcelona at ELISAVA a postgraduate course of editorial design and in one of my classes (can't really recall which one) the professor gave us the name of Salon de Thé editorial and since then I have been a fan. First of all I love the name, isn't it charming? and the work is really great. So I share with you my favorite book of theirs, its by the author Francesca Llopis printed on 2006. The book's name is Bearing a city on my mind (original catalan name: Duc una ciutat al cap) and I just think the dark kinda vintage looking to the sweet flowers is really mesmerizing like you can get lost in a fantasy world. I've never actually seen the book but here I share the still shots of the book find on the Salon de Thé website. So many beautiful things in the world that why worry about the unpleasant ones...


Broken into pieces

A while ago I came across this website of Mareen Fischinger and I not only fell in love with her photographs but also loved the web site! it is so easy to surf in and so clean that the only thing you have to focus on are the photographs.
Here I share with you some of the Panography Project she presented at an exposition. Aw pure art.