A day at elBulli

Who would think that food could look like a piece of art, more exactly like an abstract painting. All of the pictures above are creations of the Michelin three stars restaurant elBulli, which was run by Ferran AdriĆ  and it's located in Spain on the Costa Brava. Some even describe AdriĆ  as a food Picasso, I guess since they're both spaniards, so you get the idea of how important is the plating for him, but it is not just the way the are arranged onto the plate, it is also the food that is art. They make these like food papers, capsules of extra virgin olive oil and things that look like something but taste completely different. In Wikipedia elBulli is described as "the most imaginative generator of haute cuisine on the planet"[2] and does a great deal of work on molecular gastronomy. All I can say is that the food looks perfect too good to eat and although I am never going to eat there I can only dream what it would be like to each such beautiful food. 
What is it?
1. Soy hair with sesame miso and wasabi
2. Calamari with smoked milk skin 
3. Spheric cherries 
4. Chocolate coca with extra virgin olive oil
5. Mango with black olives
6. White sparragus and capsules of extra virgin olive oil
7. Parmesan marshmallows 
8. Passion fruit and gorgonzola cheese
9. Peach paper
10. Flower cucumbers 
11. Ravioli of kombu seaweed and hedgehog 
12. Campari seeds and cotton candy paper
13. Terroso
all photos via: elBulli


Princess Sovereign

The target of my desire.

Well its been a long time now since I wanted a bike, but recently I came across the bike of my dreams: this pashley bike. I can see my self just going any where in it, riding the streets and my hair blowing. I would have flowers on its basket and I would just make it look like these I found on the internet. It would be such a better world if we all used bikes instead of cars. I am from a little town where people think that having cars is the most important thing in the world and that riding in bikes is for people who can't afford a car... riding a bike is also a choice, a choice to be kind to our world and stop polluting at least in a tiny amount, if everybody used one it would be a big difference.
When I lived in Barcelona I used to use the Bicing I know Paris has the same public transport which I think is awesome. I can't wait to move back to Guadalajara and start searching for this baby.
Photos via Google and Flickr


and in the dark what I am most afraid is myself

Amazing poster of the movie

Suzanne Farrell, an inspiration for Natalie Portman for the movie

This weekend I watched the Black Swan movie, and it immediately became one of my favorites, it is on my list of favorites for 2010. I loved everything about it, it is dark and has beautiful costumes. The music is of course wonderful since they are playing the Lake of Swans and it was just such a deep trip to somebody's mind. There's a lot going on in Nina's mind that makes me think that sometimes we are not really sure if all we know, do and remember are real things. Anyway I highly recommend this one and here I share some pretty pictures I found while surfing on the internet.


Color my world with the beauty of chaos

I have been just roaming around the internet this weekend (since there was nothing else to do) and I stumbled upon these beautiful watercolor drawings by this artist  Cate Parr
Hope next weekend is more interesting, I know it is up to me to make things happen, but what can I say if I live in a town where the latest news are always tragic and the hottest thing to do is drive around and pose for the social magazine... I rather see pretty things like the above.


Meet me at the end of the world at 6 am sharp

This is a private collection of bugs and insects in a restaurant nearby my city, it is called “El Miradero“ and it is a very beautiful show of butterflies and beetles. Since I was a girl I loved butterflies I was a little obsessed with them, now I think I am more into birds than butterflies however I still think they are one of the most beautiful things on earth. I am amazed by all animals that can fly, well except for flies, and bees kind of scare me, but if I could fly away from here and just fly around the world and see all the places I want to see I would be the happiest of them all. Guess I have to build my on wings :)