The place of my dreams

I am not quite sure how old I was when I saw The Secret Garden (nor have I read the book) but it is definitely one of my favorite movies as a child... and still as an adult.
In the depths of my imagination and my longing to get away from everything I always end up in this magical bloomed yet very dark garden. The image of Ophelia comes to my mind when I write this, it is a place where I am both happy to be in and scared and melancholy at the same time. Like a place where you go when you are scared to try to cheer up but you end up in there with all your fears... I know this might sound a little bit weird, however I am fascinated by it, since I can remember this is a place where I zone out, where I hide from being myself on the day by day world. I still remember how many times I hid underneath my bed when I was angry or upset, my family used to tease me so much, but I don't care they have never been to this place and therefor cannot understand me.
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