Mi Casa es tu Casa [The Nowhere Castle]

This is Xilitla, a little place in the San Luis Potosi jungle where Edward James created this surreal garden where stairs that take you up in the air but end there without making any sense and other constructions that seem to be put there just for the fun of it. 
I personally have never been in The Huasteca Potosina, but I have seen pictures of my friends and seriously this place is to die for! I wish so hard to go there anytime soon and to have an awesome camera when I go so I can take pictures of everything I want. What I like the most about this places is that it reminds me of the film The Secret Garden, it is like a secret place buried into the depths of the jungle with so much greenery surrounding it... aw pure magic! Well for now is on my bucket list of places to visit, but who knows maybe in a few posts I will be sharing my own pictures of this magical place.
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