Let's stay awake and listen to the dark


I have been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo for quite some time now, these are some inspirations I have found over the internet and books since I first decided to get one. I am more certain now than ever that I want one. My brother and I wanted to get one together in remembrance of my dear father who passed away 4 years ago. This year my brother turns 18 and I think it is the perfect timing for both of us... if he doesn't bail out (hope not!)
A bird is what I want, I decided that long ago, but I just can't seem to find the right one, these are some of my favorites (the illustrations) and the photos of the girls with tattoos are the real ones i like the most, I think I won't be having it on my neck but lower like on my center back's right side, but it is hard to decide if I want it black and white or colorful, or if I really want it there or somewhere else, I have to be at least comfortable with it because it will be there always!
I know these kind of decisions are tricky one day you might want one and next you don't and you are stuck with it, but I have been thinking it for years, four years to be exactly and a bird means so much to me, I think of my dad every time I see a humming bird outside my window or when I see them flying away into the sky enjoying their freedom, besides they are just amazing animals I love them!
For quite a while now I have been having a dream where I see myself sleeping on my bed and a bird comes and tries to wake me up and rests on my face, it chirps and tweets and bats its wings... I would like to think it is him wishing to stay always with me... who knows maybe I am just a crazy girl who wants a tattoo and that is it, ha ha
♫ Birds - Emiliana Torrini 


robertokareoki said...

Este post estuvo muy chido. Yo me voy hacer uno cuando vaya a Tailandia con bamboo. Va a estar chido

So R. said...

Hey!!! haha estaba editando las fotos mientras hablábamos :) luego nos enseñamos los tatuajes ya hechos no?