Le rire incassable


A long time ago I read this book by Françoise Sagan about the life of Sarah Bernhardt and if something makes me happy is reading and knowing about the life of women who are strong and independent and a true inspiration to me. This is the case of this french actress who was born in 1923, who you know, wasn't the prettiest and not very into the family business in a sort of saying and struggle and gave the best of her to become the woman she was, famous, respected and admire. In the world there are many women who decided not to play along the rules, to do as they are told and those are the kind of women I admire so much. 
Overall the book is so well written and it captivates you and takes to a private and intimate imaginary world where two women write to each other about their lives, their loves and passions. What I remember the most is a little funny and obscure fact about Bernhardt: she had a little coffin that was custom made for her where she would like to sleep sometimes, talk about extraordinary? She also used to say that sometimes in times of grieve the only thing she wanted to do was to laugh, laugh at life.  This woman was amazing! :)
She traveled around the world preforming in theaters and even participated in the early silent films, I wish I could watch one just to see a little glimpse of an extraordinary human being.

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