Mi Casa es tu Casa [Cave of Crystals]

I would like to talk a little about my country, this place that amazes me all the time and I really haven't traveled to all the states but the ones I've seen have really blown my mine. They are so different one from another, from the jungle, to the forest to the desert to the amazing beaches that oh man are really the best in the world (without being conceded) I have decided to dedicate these series of posts called Mi Casa es tu Casa to show the places that I would like to visit (and I know soon I will) to show a part of México you didn't know existed.
This is a cave located on the north of México in a little town called Naica in Chihuahua, I am not sure if its open for the public but if it is I am definitely going in there. The coolest way to get to Chihuahua is to take the train from Los Mochis, Sinaloa and then I guess taking a little bus to get to the cave's town.
The project is called Naica like the town and they even did a movie about it, that kinda makes me think this is like a private place where only specialized people can go in, but still did you know this existed? Not me! I just found out a couple days ago and I am mesmerized by the photographs.
The cave was discovered in 2002 in a mine that produces led and silver and the crystals are formed by selenites. They can be up to 10 Mts. long and one meter wide. This cave is the only of its kind in the world and it's only temporal because it was form during millions of years with the help of the water that was being drained by a special system and it will stop functioning when the mines stop working, in that moment the cave will be covered by water and will continue its growth. Oh how sad! well miracles like this could only last a moment, so I have to hurry up to pack my stuff and see with my two eyes the wonders of my beloved country.
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