An empty cage girl if you kill that bird

Eyes are the windows to the soul. A statement I truly believe in, people often ask me, why are you a vegetarian? If you eat plants that means they suffer too! but there is a difference to me to eat something that could had been staring at you and thinking something of you than a plant that could had suffer but without knowing it. The thing is that we can all live in harmony, we can use them without treating them badly or killing them.
This is a string of photographs taken by Oscar Ciutat called "Caged" The project was to take photos of caged animals in a zoo, to have a documentation of the animals' eyes to try to figure out if they looked sad because they weren't free, now the only way to prove this is to have the same photos of free animals in the wild, nonetheless I look at their eyes without anything to compare to and still I feel so sad, empty and wanting to free all the animals of every zoo in the world...
It really makes you think if how we do things and the things we do are going to make us free and happy in the end.
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