Sleepy Time Tea

Oh yes another music list :)
This is the playlist I always fall asleep with (well some of the song mine is way longer) since I was a young teenager I always felt the need to listen to music to help me get into my dreams, before I used to listen to NIN's The Fragile on my Discman Player, later I acquire a little cd player with speakers and all and I used to have Tori Amos on all the time at a very low volume. Now I have a very modern iPod speakers' system with alarm clock and sleep timer haha which makes easier to set and to sleep to.
Well that is it, enjoy.

Birds - Emiliana Torrini
Sad Eyes - Bat For Lashes
Wild Is The Wind - Cat Power
Love Letter - Lisa Mitchell
Nicest Thing - Kate Nash
Gabriel - Lamb
My Love - Lykke Li
Samson - Regina Spektor
Comtine D'un Autre Été -Yann Tiersen
Diamond Day - Vashti Bunyan

Again if you have technical problems with the player here is the original link
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