When my dreams match up with my pay

I started this blog because I wanted to let out all the random thoughts inside my head, it has helped me a lot to organize my mind and make clear the things that happen in my life. I had been wanting for a while to do a little inspirational post about the things I want in life. Like the sort of life style I am aiming for... it has certainly not been like I wish, but fear not dear Dorothy because soon I will find the way on the Yellobrick Road and I will get there.
This images of things that I like are what reminds me that there are things left to learn and to create. I like to keep myself inspired, I am aware of my need to be surrounded of beautiful things, right now they are a little bit imaginary but I am sure it is not gonna be forever like this... because if you know where you wanna go, you will do everything to get there. I love this phrase of Regina Spektor "I am the hero of the story I don't need to be saved" I just have to keep reminding me that with her sweet voice.
I guess I also have to remind me that if there's no pain there's no game... sacrifice comes in order to enjoy the fine things of life... but I am willing to pay the price, so bring it on! :)
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