I am not a photographer, but my friend is!

I have been meaning to write about my best friend Rodrigo de Anda Villicaña, so finally here is my little tribute to his wonderful work. Right now he is studying in Madrid, Spain and we met in Barcelona while I was still living there, we always have so much fun. 
I miss him so much, but rather than want him back I wish we could both live in Spain :)
These are a few of my favorite photographs of his, he has also worked with me but I am kind of shy of showing my face here... 
Photo # five is also about a short film in which he was working on, he is just so talented! 
Check out more of his work on his web page here
The photos have been taken here in Mexico, Madrid and Argentina.
Source here and here
P.S. I really miss my friend, I wanna go dancing with him there is nothing more fun than that!