Two sugar cubes please

I have never talked about my profession, but I am a designer and I was recently studying in Barcelona at ELISAVA a postgraduate course of editorial design and in one of my classes (can't really recall which one) the professor gave us the name of Salon de Thé editorial and since then I have been a fan. First of all I love the name, isn't it charming? and the work is really great. So I share with you my favorite book of theirs, its by the author Francesca Llopis printed on 2006. The book's name is Bearing a city on my mind (original catalan name: Duc una ciutat al cap) and I just think the dark kinda vintage looking to the sweet flowers is really mesmerizing like you can get lost in a fantasy world. I've never actually seen the book but here I share the still shots of the book find on the Salon de Thé website. So many beautiful things in the world that why worry about the unpleasant ones...

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