Please Mr. Einstein!


Are we humans because we gaze at the stars or we gaze at the stars because we are humans?
I was reading this really deep book about my mexican history and I just got stuck with it, and usually that is why I like reading two books at the time, because it allows me to go back and forth and I never get tired with either one. So I started reading Please Mr. Einstein which is a lighter book (in seize only) and I can take it anywhere, the bus, the park, etc. It is simply wonderful, I mean although it is a trip to a very intelligent mind, it is still pretty simple to read for a commoner like me (I don't know anything about quantum physics) but well in my humble opinion it is not just about the science that the book has that special hook. I think it is like a little inside of a brilliant mind in order to understand us as humans. In the book it states that we are made by the same components as the stars, so maybe instead of trying to study the stars with our tricky eyes we should study them in ourselves. Now that is the fact but the magic of it? think about it: we are made of stardust! isn't it lovely to think?
And of course the book has more to it, I highly recommend it for anyone even if your not an astrophysics major like one of my best friends haha. Here are some reviews of the book if you wanna jump into the adventure, read me!

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