Princess Sovereign

The target of my desire.

Well its been a long time now since I wanted a bike, but recently I came across the bike of my dreams: this pashley bike. I can see my self just going any where in it, riding the streets and my hair blowing. I would have flowers on its basket and I would just make it look like these I found on the internet. It would be such a better world if we all used bikes instead of cars. I am from a little town where people think that having cars is the most important thing in the world and that riding in bikes is for people who can't afford a car... riding a bike is also a choice, a choice to be kind to our world and stop polluting at least in a tiny amount, if everybody used one it would be a big difference.
When I lived in Barcelona I used to use the Bicing I know Paris has the same public transport which I think is awesome. I can't wait to move back to Guadalajara and start searching for this baby.
Photos via Google and Flickr

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