and in the dark what I am most afraid is myself

Amazing poster of the movie

Suzanne Farrell, an inspiration for Natalie Portman for the movie

This weekend I watched the Black Swan movie, and it immediately became one of my favorites, it is on my list of favorites for 2010. I loved everything about it, it is dark and has beautiful costumes. The music is of course wonderful since they are playing the Lake of Swans and it was just such a deep trip to somebody's mind. There's a lot going on in Nina's mind that makes me think that sometimes we are not really sure if all we know, do and remember are real things. Anyway I highly recommend this one and here I share some pretty pictures I found while surfing on the internet.

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glicerico said...

Síii... me dejó mucho más de lo que esperaba...
te transmite de su locura (la Portman) y hasta te pone contra las que la rodean (su mamá, la bailarina contricante), para luego darte cuenta que estás como ella.
La duda (aguas con el spoiler): ¿la obsesión de su jefa lo causó todo o realmente actuaba así porque sabía que su hija está tocada?