A little girl lost in the woods

Photo taken by me in sweet Barcelona

but i can't see new york 
as i'm, circling down 
through white cloud 
falling out 
and i know 
his lips are warm 
but i can't seem 
to find my way out 
my way out i can't see.
of this hunting ground 
from here crystal meth 
in metres of millions 
in the end all we have, 
soul blueprint. 
did we get lost in it 
do we conduct a search 
for this "from the other side" 
from the other side? 
what do they mean 
side of what things... 
and you said. 
you again 
it's you again 
i can't see 
i can't see new york 
from the other side
I can't see New York - Tori Amos

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